We’d never read a book about Maynard Moose before, nor had we yet discovered Willy Claflin (the author of this curious little children’s book). Personally, I was skeptical. But, I was so completely and utterly wrong…

The first time we read the book, I still didn’t think it would be a big hit. But, I started to think I was wrong about the book… when my oldest son asked about Little Moose the next morning.

And, I became even more convinced about his love for the book when over the next few night he chose the book to read. My youngest son even started picking up some of the phrases from the story (a sure sign that he was listening to the storytelling).

Here are a few reasons they love the book:

  • Active mind + imagination:  This story perfectly captures the dilemma of a young ‘un who has an active mind. And, my son has complained before that his mind keeps working when he’s trying to go to sleep. He connected with the plight of the frustrated young moose.
  • Parent Solutions: When the kid won’t sleep, we (as parents) try almost every remedy or solution we can imagine. We ask our friends, and we ask the experts, and we try out the fixes. Sometimes it works. But, until it does, we just keep trying.
  • Counting Sheep: He loves the idea of counting sheep, though he says it doesn’t always work for him. In this story, that’s the solution that Little Moose uses as well.
  • Pied-Piper’s Call: Like a Pied Piper, the 2nd Sheep carries Little Moose off to the stars (a magical/mystical storytelling place, where Mother Moose creates the planets, and keeps teas readily available for when Little Moose can’t sleep).
  • Fractured Fairy Tale:  For all of us who have read (and love) fairy tales over many years, this storytelling venture offers a new (fractured) spin on the traditional tales. It’s fun, and it’s memorable for kids; but it also offers life lessons for any reader.
  • Sleep is Possible: Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the book is that Little Moose’s adventures solves the sleeplessness. And, ever after, the problem doesn’t continue. Little Moose is finally able to sleep, and everyone continues…

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve loved or hated fairy tales. These fractured fairy tales stand apart from most of the tales you’ve ever hated/loved or even imagined. So, the next time you find yourself sleepless, why not turn to storytelling… Count some sheep. Or, perhaps, read this tale.

Little Moose Fairy Tale
Little Moose Fairy Tale


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