Whether you are a parent or guardian of a high-school student, or you are a student yourself, you know how easy it is for the deadlines to creep up on all those reading assignments. Depending on how strict your teacher is about those high school reading deadlines, you may be destroying your grade.

Ok, I know… That’s probably overly dramatic, right? You’ve probably already got this thing handled. Just think of this article as a brief list of five ideas (or tips) that will help you keep on-track for all those high school reading assignments.

  1. Schedule It! Sometimes the easiest way to keep on top of your reading schedule is just to put it on a calendar–whether you prefer the traditional “paper” form, or you are more comfortable with the digital kind. You can find calendars of every shape and size. If you prefer a digital schedule, check out Studious. It’s a great way to stay on task with your scheduled high school reading.
  2. About The Book(s): Do you own the book(s)? Is it a “course” copy (one that you will check out from your teacher)? Or, is it a book you’ll need to check out of the library? It’s easy to assume that you’ll have (or find) the book you need, even if you wait until the last minute. But, where deadlines are concerned, don’t leave it to chance. Track down the book.
  3. Buy It? If you experience difficulties in gaining access to the book you want (or need) to read, you can purchase, borrow or download the book. For your own study needs, it’s often much preferred if you buy the book–particularly if you plan to make margin notes (marginalia), highlight quotes (to use for your paper or for exam study), or in other ways respond to the text.
  4. Read! It may seem obvious that you need to actually read the book(s) if you are planning to meet the deadlines your teacher has given you. But, I’ll just throw it in there anyway. Read, read, read, and read some more! Fit it into every possible moment. Take the book with you, and pick up reading when you have some time.
  5. Remember The Schedule: Determine your reading speed (you can take a timed test on MindBluff). It could give you a better idea of how much time it will take you to complete the reading assignment. Then, you can get as granular as you need–schedule out what you’ll have to do to meet the deadline.

While it may seem over-the-top or over-kill to take such special care to meet your high school reading deadlines, these are skills that you’re developing for the future. Your reading skills will continue to improve–just as your reading speed increases. Also, your critical thinking and analysis will become second-nature: more clear and concise.


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