Book World vs Amazon

It may seem like you've heard it all before. After all, it's as ancient as the David and Goliath story, or as modern as the next brave new idea. Perhaps the real tragedy is not that Book World is closing its doors, but that...

James Comey is Writing…

James Comey The Writer
That's all you need to know, right? James Comey is writing a book, and it will likely be published some time in the future. It's probably obvious what he's writing about, or perhaps you can just assume that the "writing" will end up being...

Revisiting ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

Handmaid's Tale
The recent launch of the Hulu Handmaid's Tale mini-series has drawn us back to the trappings of Margaret Atwood's dystopian science fiction novel, but we didn't have far to go. All the emotions and rhetoric of the last 6 months has both enlivened the...

Digitizing Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins Turned Digital
Jackie Collins was such a well-loved English romance novelist that it still seems shocking that's it's been more than a year since her passing. Of the 32 books that she wrote, all of them appeared on The New York Times Bestseller's List. Collectively, her...

Ivanka’s Library Tweet Inspires Uproar

Law concept, statue and books
It's not often that the subject of the National Library Week inspires such social media uproar. But, take a look at what Ivanka Trump posted, and you'll be sure to see why it caused such a viral outburst. Yes, for some, she posted what...

Naomi Klein’s Anti-Trump Manifesto – ‘No Is Not Enough’

No Trump
You had to know this was coming: No Is Not Enough. And, of course, this latest book by Naomi Klein is sure to be met with controversy and debate. She's an expert, drawing from years in activism and also her authority as an established...

Why Prince Charles?

Princess Diana
By now, you've probably seen that there's a new tell-all bestseller just released about Prince Charles and our ever-beloved Princess Diana, entitled Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, by Sally Bendell Smith. It's just in time to commemorate the 20th-year anniversary...

J.K. Rowling On Writing

JK Rowling - On Writing
You're probably familiar with the infamous advice for young writers, On Writing, by Stephen King. And, you may be familiar with the many other memoirs, nonfiction collections, and how-to books that have attempted to combat the same (rather momentous) topic. Some are more successful...

Banned Book Smuggled Out: ‘The Accusation’

North Korea
You may have already discovered that stories of "everyman" often become the greatest classics of all time. But, the publishing history of those stories isn't always easy or uneventful. The greatest and most memorable works of literature are often challenged, questioned, censored, and banned...

Again Controversy: ‘Santa’s Husband’

Santa's Husband
Santa's Husband, by Daniel Kibblesmith, hasn't even been published yet, but it's already causing a stir. Kibblesmith is a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but you can probably guess that this forthcoming book will now be his new claim-to-fame! Of course,...

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