The Dream Keeper’s Daughter, by bestselling novelist Emily Colin, is a hotly anticipated rollick through time, love, magic, and even tragedy. How do you move on, or forgive. How do you forget?

Then, too, how do you cope? How do you raise a child? How do you survive?

Here, Emily Colin explores the power of human relationships, romance, and parental bonds. This lovely time-travel tale is set again a backdrop of family drama, slave uprising in Barbados, and archaeological/historical discovery. Isabel Griffin digs in the dirt for a living, unearthing all those buried secretes. But, with a name like “Isabel Griffin,” you see all the connections with fairy tales, mythology, and the rich history of  time travel.

Time, Magic & Hope

You’ll see questions of death, ghostly presences, premonitions, dreaming, hallucinations, and magical rituals. The Dream Keeper’s Daughter becomes a hodgepodge-mix of cultures and historical relevancies. Ultimately, you see that deep-set belief in something as inexplicable as the mythic “thin place” and as transitory as human nature.

Throughout the book, Isabel calls her hope “unreasonable,” and “silly.” She remembers watching as her mother’s “hopes raised only to be shattered again.” Nerves are frequently already frayed and emotions are at breaking points. Hope is fragile.

But, in another world (and time), Jubah says, “[W]hat you do, it give us hope. And sometimes hope be all you have.” With all the contentious draws of time and magic, hope is the one thing that ties them all together…


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