Pokemon Go is such a monumental craze that you must have noticed, even if you’ve yet to succumb. The fans are everywhere. They’ve descended on parks, malls, and every possible other location you can think of.

While the game as been cited as the cause of concern (safety), it’s also becoming a prime marketing tool for libraries and bookstores. What better way to find new patrons than to convert a ready audience of Pokemon fans?

Pokemon Go users find a myriad of awesome reasons to visit bookish repositories:

  • Free Wi-Fi: What better way to access the game without using up all your data?
  • Books: It’s the perfect place to read more about what the Pokemon history and on-going Pokemon Go phenomenon is all about.
  • Librarians + Resources: While not all librarians are familiar with Pokemon Go, you’ll find that the knowledge base is growing.
  • Safety Factors: The thought of unleashing kids out onto the streets — to search for Pokemon — is troubling for parents. Libraries are safe, quiet and secure.
  • Digital Devices: Some libraries also loan out digital devices, which may serve to lure Pokemon Go players even more.

While supervision is always necessary in any public place, it’s also a subtle way of encouraging kids to enjoy libraries and bookstores. As we look for ways to support local establishments, this latest craze may offer just the right incentive…

What do you think?

Here are other resources related to the Pokemon Go + Library phenomenon:



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