I know… I know… You probably haven’t heard or read about “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in years, right? I first heard the story more years ago than I like to think about. Even so, I still like to read the story around Halloween-time (as the mood strikes).

So, it’s really not surprising that my son started talking about the Headless Horseman, while we were walking home from his school the other day. What intrigued me is what he said about the Headless Horseman. He said that they’d been talking about the infamous (and ghoulish) figure at school, and that there was talk that the Headless Horseman had been seen!

He quickly followed that up by saying that he really didn’t believe, and that he wasn’t really scared. But, his story caused me to wonder about which literary characters are making the rounds at schools these days, and I also wondered whether you are (or were ever) afraid of the Headless Horseman.


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