While you probably think of Indian Jones and his madcap ventures through dangerous passages, authors like Anita Clenney introduces her own brand of treasure hunter. Kendall Morgan is a single-and-beautiful woman. She’d be one of the stereotypical Bond girls in another setting, but she’s also got skills that make her the perfect partner on a deadly adventure in the far-flung parts of the world.

About a Girl & A Guardian

It doesn’t hurt that she also has backing from Nathan Larraby, the mysterious billionaire who knows far more than he’s ever willing to share. His secret agenda is obviously very personal, but why? And, how do the characters really all connect?

Kendall has already proven that she can sniff out even the most obscure and ancient artifacts. But, why is Jake part of the quest?

Here, romance and complicated interpersonal relationships draw us into the fantastic and mysterious. There’s a secret sect of warriors, the unearthing of unbidden family history, and a wealth of of other intriguing possibilities…

  • Imagining the Guardian: Here, the concept of the “guardian” is turned on its head. What is the “guardian” really? How does it related to family history? And, what are they really guarding?
  • Artifacts and History: They are obviously searching for ancient artifacts. They’re treasure hunters, but the real meaning of the objects… what they represent… also comes into focus. What will those discoveries mean to humanity?
  • Light & Darkness/Good & Evil: It comes down to the stark dichotomies. After all, we read: “Anyone can become dangerous if given the right motivation.” And, that question becomes ever more powerful as questions of parentage come into play.

Ultimately, the character must determine where their allegiances lie, as they encounter questions of history, mythology, and religious fervor. What is it that keeps them going, against all odds?

The Bottom Line… 

Yeah, I know lots of readers would be horrified by the book, but it’s a fun romp through adventure, and has some intriguing bits of mythic dimensions. If you take a breath and squint, you might just find yourself in a kingdom far-far-away, with lords and ladies, clashing warriors, and the possibility that everything you’d dreamed of could come true…


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