Whether you are celebrating a special occasion by yourself or with a significant other, here are a few ideas for the book lover in all of us. If one of you are not as passionate about books (let’s face it, not everyone is), you can always tweak these ideas to incorporate more fun (and caring) ideas that they (and you) will enjoy as well.

Journal it… If you both love books, get one for each other (or buy one for yourself). You may just love a Moleskin journal or a similar book (with really nice paper, lines, and a smallish size–perfectly easy to slip under your arm, or in a bag). And, of course there are several ways to spruce up a blank journal to make it the perfect, meaningful gift for your loved one). Print out quotes or photos that you know you (or your loved one) will enjoy. Write an entry: a letter, poem, story, or just a few words to explain why you are giving the book, and what you hope it will mean. Or, just include a beloved poem, a snippet, movie quotes, or thoughts–the idea is to add that ever-essential personal touch.

Ebook it… Most of us are far more technologically adept than we think. It’s not a terribly difficult matter to compile a collection of favorite memories, and quotes from favorite authors (or on special topics). This is an idea that you can take some time with. Select the right quotes (or anecdotes) that really mean something to you and your significant other.

Wear it… It’s always fun to wear book-related clothes, and today is a great excuse to add to your own collection (or the wardrobe of your loved one). Besides, if you don’t see the perfect shirt, jewelry, or other wearable bookerie, you can create a unique piece yourself.

Write it. If you love books, there’s a pretty good chance that you also love pens, writing, and jotting down just about anything and everything. So, pens are always a nice consideration for any special occasion.

Tattoo it… You don’t have to put on a permanent tattoo to include those memorable quotes (or marks) upon the skin. You’ve probably seen those pictures of elaborate tattoos for book geeks, sometimes involving books, shelves, quotes, author portraits, and more. But, you can also find some temporary tattoos that are perfect for those of us who love books and quotes, but who aren’t quite sure that we want to permanently embed the words, symbols or images on our skin.



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