Steve McHugh’s A Glimmer of Hope centers around the life and times of a young college student, Layla Cassidy. She’s smart and beautiful, as she ushers in a whole new series for this bestselling author. Of course, given the popularity of The Hellequin Chronicles, critics passionately love or hate this new, very-different series.  Add to that the fact that the book is currently available as an easy-to-access Unlimited book, and you’ve got quite a treasure trove of controversy…

Monsters & Mayhem

It’s urban fantasy. So, ogres, werewolves, and magical creatures appear in every shape and size. It’s a magical, mythical ride through history and legend. Here, the epic struggle between good and evil is real, calling forth every story we’ve ever imagined about Avalon and Arthurian lore.

Kidnappings, mass murder, evil masterminds, and countless other dangers all range ahead, with Layla initially oblivious to the hidden realities around her. She’s not ignorant that evil exists though. She’d learned that early on when her FBI-agent-turned-murderer father was dragged away and tossed into an indeterminate deep-dark hole.

A Story About A Woman: Layla Cassidy

So, Layla is permanently angst-ridden and alone. She still mourns the death of her mother and she’s unaware that the deadliest and most formidable dangers could be found within herself, as she struggles to come to terms with accepting the “demon” within.

All the while, there’s a “glimmer of hope” — some promise for the future. The title tells us so… for as far as that goes toward saving humanity from an apocalyptic future.


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