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Morte d'Arthur

Morte d’Arthur – A question of sources

Le Morte d'Arthur (or Le Morte Darthur, as originally spelled), is Sir Thomas Malory's series of reinvented tales about King Arthur and his knights...

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Santa's Husband

Again Controversy: ‘Santa’s Husband’

Santa's Husband, by Daniel Kibblesmith, hasn't even been published yet, but it's already causing a stir. Kibblesmith is a staff writer for The Late...


Jacob's Dress

Banned Book: ‘Jacob’s New Dress’

Jacob's New Dress, by Ian and Sarah Hoffman, is suddenly at the very center of a whirlwind of controversy and debate, as the very latest...
Who Was Harper Lee?

Who was Harper Lee?

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    Fog City, by Bill Abbott (Creative Commons, Flickr)

    Life Lessons from ‘The City’ – @DeanKoontz #Quotes

    There's a certain magic that happens when we allow the power of words to wash over us, to rock us to the core--until we...
    Atticus and Tom Robinson in court

    What Does Atticus Say? – 7 ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Quotes

    Atticus Finch is one of our favorite characters in literary fiction. He offers that stern, yet-caring, fatherly presence in Harper Lee's To Kill a...
    Curious George

    Curious George Turns 75 + Reasons We Love The Monkey

    That mischievous little monkey who continually gets himself into trouble is turning 75 this years. It's Curious George, first created by Hans Augusto Rey...

    Missing Malcolm X Writings Surface Again

    It's the stuff of recent Malcolm X legend! Born with the name "Malcolm Little," he was a Muslim minister and human rights activist. He...

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    ​The Merriest (& Most Depressing) Time of the Year!

    Yes, it's true... The holidays are a time of togetherness--with lots of fun and laughter (or so it should be, right?). But, there's more...

    ‘Teeny Little Fingers’ & J.K. Rowling

    Much debate and controversy has quickly erupted over the obvious dislike and consternation of J.K. Rowling toward the newly elected Donald Trump. She doesn't...
    JK Rowling - Faustian Bargain

    J.K. Rowling Quotes Scripture Against Pence

    J.K. Rowling is no stranger to controversy, and she's not afraid to jump in, ready and swinging... She has also made it no secret...

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    Want to live longer? Read

    Beyond simple education and adventure, reading has so many life-long benefits for us -- no matter what our age(s) or levels of experience. But,...