You had to know this was coming: No Is Not Enough. And, of course, this latest book by Naomi Klein is sure to be met with controversy and debate. She’s an expert, drawing from years in activism and also her authority as an established author, but it’s true that this book is being rushed to press with publisher Allen Lane.

Pulling the threads she’s already touched on in her previous books, she’s examining how the Trump administration was, in her view, inevitable. She explains, “I’m trying to tease out threads from my previous books to understand how we could have a human brand as the president of the United States, with a family of spin-off brands around, completely unable to distinguish his own personal identity from his corporate identity.”

Moving Forward In A Trump Era

The silver lining in the Age of Trump is that a multitude of Americans (and even those from around the world) are standing up and saying that it’s not ok. They are demanding change, and they are making waves in the realms of activism, but just saying “No” is not enough.

It’s a different kind of movement, and it’s not enough to all be united in an opposition to the Trump administration. Instead, she says: “It is important to be able to step back from that barrage of news that we are overwhelmed with and think about how we got here, what we can expect, how things can get worse and think strategically how things can get better.”

The book will assuredly be a bestseller when it’s released in June 2017.

Take a look at some of her most famous books!


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