My son selected Is a Worry Worrying You?–to read. After the many readings of this little book, it really is the perfect book for him, and I can envision this book being the perfect book for other kids just like him. It was the quirky, even lively, characters on the cover that I think first caught his attention. Let’s face it… Kids love monster stories, even as they fear those terrible beasts that sometimes still seem to haunt their sleepless nights. But, there was more to his fascination. The curiosity turned into something beyond the initial tinge. He’d found a kindred story, one that spoke to him, addressed his fears, and told him (and me) that while we all have worries, we can work through them. We can face them. And, we can rise above even the most fanciful of those worries. So, why do we love this little book?

  • Everyman/boy: All of us have worries, right? Young and old. Rich and poor. It’s not a matter of whether we have worries; it’s more about how well we’re able to cope. Worry is also seen throughout literature, even in biblical references: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” So, this book (Is a Worry Worrying You?) validates the fact that worry affects us all. It’s part of life, and it’s a presence in every day…
  • Beyond the Everyman: Our worries are also individual. What worries me (or my son) is not probably the same things that will worry you (or your family), though there’s some overlap. the book validates our individual worries, giving examples of some everyday worries each of us may experience, but also offers solutions. After all, while each of us has those everyday worries, also much find ways to overcome them, right?
  • Monster Worry: Even though worry is “normal” and even individual, the book associates it with a monster. It really is that monster-under-the-bed. And, even if it is “invisible,” it’s ever-so-real. In my family, the worry-as-monster personification seems even more appropriate. Why? Because my son is a cancer survivor. All our worst worries were real, as we saw him face all the treatments, re-occurrences, and even death. The book demonstrates how even the monster-under-the-bed worries are monstrous.
  • It’s Hilarious: There are very serious reasons for our worry. And, children teach us that worry is very real. But, if we are to survive (and find true) happiness in our everyday, we must find someway of finding moments of laughter (and even hilarity) in those most basic worries. With those fanciful characters and lively storyline, the story reminds us that even our most rational worries can contain something to laugh about (maybe not at the moment of our worst mind-numbing worries, but later, when we examine the situation).

So, while you will likely experience worry–and perhaps you’re overcome by it right now–you may also find ways to work through those worries every day. For me, I cherish every day. And, I know that worrying doesn’t solve the hardships of today; it just robs me of the joys.

So, worry is monstrous… but “you can get rid of it… it just takes a little patience. Don’t worry.”

The ending illustration depicts the “SLAM” as the monstrous worry is booted out… And, there’s, of course, this: “You can do it!”


I downloaded this book from Netgalley. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this title. 

You can purchase the book–for yourself and/or your child–here:


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