Santa’s Husband, by Daniel Kibblesmith, hasn’t even been published yet, but it’s already causing a stir. Kibblesmith is a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but you can probably guess that this forthcoming book will now be his new claim-to-fame!

Of course, it all began with this seemingly innocuous tweet:

Due to be released Fall 2017, by Harper Design, it’ll be out just in time for all the Christmas hubbub (and you can imagine what passionate rants this book will inspire). After all, it’s already making the rounds on the news shows, and it’s quickly on its way to becoming viral, as the next bookish tidbit.

And, yes, it will likely be on the banned book list before or shortly after the publication list.  Why? Because it’s about a Santa and his husband, a same-sex interracial marriage that’s sure to make you rethink the very idea of Christmas.

Or maybe not? You may also be already up in arms with the idea that the “history” of Christmasdom is being rewritten and re-envisioned, and you may even fear that the Santa’s legend will never be the same.

What About The Other Santas?

If you take a step back for a sec, though, we’ve already seen Santa evolving into every possible shape, size, and gender. (Yes, there has been a female Santa if you recall.) Following the natural flow of pop culture, you might as well wonder why a gay marriage hasn’t been envisioned before (or, perhaps more accurately, why the gay Santas that have existed have never been recognized).

So, what are your thoughts on the same-sex, interracial Santa pair? Are you surprised?


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