You’ve probably heard about the power of the written word, that a pen is like a sword, and that books can change lives. But, death? Accidents? Loss of life? Those are things you probably don’t link up. A book can be used for good or ill, depending on the readers intent, but have you ever imagined that a book could save your life? Or end it?

Shooting A Book?

Pedro Ruiz III was an aspiring Youtube star, and his big idea was to have his girlfriend, Monalisa Perez, shoot him with a gold Desert Eagle .50-caliber pistol, while he held an encyclopedia up in front of hs chest to block the bullet. So, why the not-so-genius idea?

  1. Testing: He’d already “proven” it would work with another book…
  2. Accomplice: He talked his girlfriend into performing the stunt with him.
  3. Stardom: Like so many Youtube hopefuls, he wanted to “go viral,” become famous, and gain subscribers to his channel.

You’ve gotta think that it probably all made sense to him, and he convinced Monalisa. He’s not the only one who has attempted hair-brained schemes to gain notoriety and Youtube fame. The tragic reality is that he gained the viral standing that he wanted, but he didn’t live to see (or experience) the benefits.

And, now his girlfriend is being charged with second-degree manslaughter, with a possible sentence of up-to-10 years in jail. Even if she receives a lighter sentence, her life and the lives of their children (a 3-year-old and a baby on the way) will never be the same.


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