By now, you much know what you’ve been missing when you think back and realize that you haven’t enjoyed a great book in months (or even, more likely, YEARS).

Here are a few quick and easy tips to start fixing the problem.

  1. Listen! If you can’t read a book, why not listen to one instead? Audible books are quick-and-easy to download, and you can access them from most devices. Plus, you can listen to new and favorite books while you’re driving, doing housework or watching the kids at the game.
  2. Go shorter. If you don’t have time to read a full novel, why not enjoy a short story or even a poem. Let yourself savor the flavor of the lines. Do you love it? Shorter fiction, essays and/or poetry doesn’t fit everyone’s fancy, but it’s one way to fit more literature into your busy life. If you’re looking for inspirational and motivational tools, you can also memorize quotes and passages.
  3. Plan a book break. You probably have grocery shopping, and all sort of other errands to run in your “free” time. Have you considered that you can put reading on the list? Stop by the library (it’s a great way to get a free book, if you don’t already have one on hand and underway). Then, plan some time to sit and read.
  4. Combine caffeine. It’s also wonderful to take a few minutes to sit-and-read in a coffee shop. Most days (particularly in the midst of a busy weekend), you could probably use a bit of caffeine (or a hydration) break. Squeeze in a few minutes of delectable page-turning bliss!
  5. Take it to the gym. I hear from fellow readers that not everyone enjoys reading while they work out. The distraction tends to lesson the benefits of the exercise for some, while others don’t enjoy the reading experience (they’d prefer to just sit, relax and read). If it works for you, gym reading is a great way to sneak in more time with your favorite volumes. (Here, too, you may enjoy audio books, if reading knocks you off-kilter).
  6. Make it a family affair. While the kids are small, it’s often fun to read to them,  and as they grow older (and learn to read for themselves), the practice turns more to watching them read. But, have you tried sharing a book with one (or more) of your family members. You can try reading to each other (taking turns) and/or just sitting down to chat about the books each one is reading. If you love reading, there’s a good chance that others in your life enjoy it as well (can you guess where they got that passion?).
  7. Join (or start) a book club. It’s not always easy to get yourself motivated to read (that’s part of why we say we’re so busy). It may just be an excuse for procrastination. But, there are usually lots of book clubs in your local area, and if there isn’t one, now may be the time for you to start one!

There are always ways to find time to read. Now, you just need to give yourself permission to enjoy reading again. Perhaps you don’t even remember what it was like to devour a book?

I know… (believe me) life can get in the way! So, how do you plan to make time for reading that weekend bestseller?


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