Friday, June 15, 2018
Jackie Collins Turned Digital

Digitizing Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins was such a well-loved English romance novelist that it still seems shocking that's it's been more than a year since her passing....
JK Rowling - On Writing

J.K. Rowling On Writing

You're probably familiar with the infamous advice for young writers, On Writing, by Stephen King. And, you may be familiar with the many other...
J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter vs Trump? Books and Politics

J.K. Rowling makes international news every time she lambasts Donald Trump with another one of her eloquent, spot-on quips. Of course, nearly anything Rowling says,...

Top 4 Tools to Track Characters

When you're reading, you may just want to enjoy the book -- without regard to what is happening, or who is making all the...

Libraries Lure Pokemon Go Fans

Pokemon Go is such a monumental craze that you must have noticed, even if you've yet to succumb. The fans are everywhere. They've descended...
Apple Refund Ebooks

5 Tips for Finding Your Ebook Refund from Apple

Apple released refunds to all eligible ebook customers this morning, and you may be among the many readers who were both excited and confused....
Alice in Wonderland

A New Voice for Alice?

We're always intrigued by the latest audible iterations on our favorite classics. It's even more exciting when stars like Scarlett Johansson get in on...

To Pay or Not? Appeal for Fair Use and Books

The case has been hotly debated, in and out of the courtroom. Is it "legal" for Google to scan in all those books, and...
Digital Books - Ebooks

5 Reasons I Love Ebooks (Digital Reading) #Books

I've watched the evolution of ebooks over the years--through advancements in devices. I've also watched long-time book geeks become ever-more enamored with digital books. Don't...
Gargoyles, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein

Yeah, I know... I've come late to the party. I didn't think I'd like I, Frankenstein, so I waited until it came out on...

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