It’s likely that most of us studied the US Constitution in Civic class. You may have even received a Pocket Constitution. Did you ever imagine that the slim pamphlet would become a bestseller?

The Democratic National Convention changed all that, with the eloquent by poignant speech by Muslim-American lawyer Khizr Khan. His son was killed in the line of duty, and he received heroic commendations. In a moment that we’ll never forget, he held out his Pocket Constitution, and offered to lend it to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

There are a number of reasons why the 52-page pamphlet has become such a bestseller…

  • Patriotic Zeal: The fervor of patriotism can be found in many ways and places, but Khan reminded us of what that meant to him.
  • Support for Fallen Soldiers: It’s a reminder that American soldiers have laid down their lives in defense of the country, but he was speaking as a father whose son is a hero.
  • Symbolic Appeal: Khan’s offer to lend the Pocket Constitution was both a challenge, but also a symbol that so many others could glomb onto. It represents sacrifice.

While we’ve all been required to read the Constitution, I think we often forget what it says. As the Pocket Constitution climbs the Amazon Bestseller List, perhaps we’ll remember it all over again


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