This book is a must-read for kids and adults. Our children (my children) want to do it all, and I want to let them do it. After all, my only activity as a child was to sit at home in my book spot and read a book. I (like so many parents) in our modern age want to give my kids the moon and all. I want to make all their dreams come true. But first, perhaps, they need some time of silence and reflection. They need to dream. They need to do what they love. They need some time (and space) to grow and learn. And I know they need to read.

So this book is the perfect inspiration and call-to-dream that we all need. These are two points of particular importance. I know we all need to remember this (even for those who have a splendid balance in life):

“Show kids through your actions that life balance is important. If you are stressed and overscheduled, chances are, they will be too.”

“Teach your kids to say ‘no’ to opportunities and activities that could lead to an unbalanced life.”

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