Celebrate Pancake Day! (That’s today!)

Why do I say that pancakes are such an essential part of happiness? Perhaps it’s because some of my fondest memories revolve around sitting down to a steaming-hot plate of pancakes. They’re fun. They go with nearly everything. And, you can enjoy them for any meal…

If I asked them, my boys would both point to the book that they often take down from the shelf: If You Give A Pig A Pancake!

Here are five reasons a book geek will likely enjoy pancakes…

  1. Quick: It doesn’t take me long to make a stack of pancakes–complete with fruit and all my other favorite ingredients. So, I can get back to my reading. (At least, that’s the hope… Some days, the quick breakfast happens more because I need to get the kids off to school, and I need to get to work. We dream of those days when the breakfast is accompanied by a leisurely conversation about books, or a return to reading–either each of us as individuals, or as a collaborative reading effort).
  2. Flare: I always like the flare of creativity that we all can put into every pancake. We like to see what shapes we can make with the batter, and adding a few extra ingredients can turn a simple pancake into a grinning Cat in the Hat, a Big Brown Bear, or any number of other critters (or characters from our favorite books)
  3. Celebratory: Maybe it’s just because of the way I grew up, but there’s something fun about playing with my breakfast, and encouraging my kids to do it too! With whip cream and the right amount of other ingredients, it might as well be cake… and we’re eating it too!
  4. Conversation: Depending on the day (and how much time we have to sit around the breakfast table), we can delight in each other’s conversation. We can talk about the creations we’ve made via the pancakes, and that always brings us back to our favorite books.
  5. Passing it on: Even though we don’t do it every day, I know that our creative antics and our colorful conversations about books are building memories… and I hope the kids will one day revive these habits: the reading, the creative flares, the celebration and the talks.

Have you yet explored these books–there’s even a CURIOUS GEORGE connection!

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