Ulysses, by James Joyce, is one of the greatest novels of the 20th century; but it’s also one of the most complicated books in English language and literature. We explore the complexities of human nature and society, as we follow the path of Leopold Bloom through Dublin on one day: June 16, 1904 (Bloomsday).

Joyce also designed, developed and continually reworked Ulysses to parallel the epic story structure of The Odyssey, Homer’s Greek epic poem. Leopold can be seen as an everyman, representing Odysseus. His wife, Molly, is compared with Penelope; and Stephen Dedalus pairs with Telemachus. The similarities run throughout the book, though each episode is reworked with Joyce’s modernist twists.

Ulysses – Why it’s important!

Some of the traits that made the novel so important as an experimental exercise have also contributed to the many controversies, beginning with the earliest censorship court battles, and continuing through academic debate and modern-day fandom.

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