Princess Lemonella
Princess Lemonella

It starts out like any other fairy tale, but (of course) offers the expected twist.

A young child, named Ella, is born to a dotting king and queen. She appears to be perfect in every way. But, there’s a problem.


The princess is a grump. Not just any sad or ornery child. She just doesn’t derive pleasure from anything. They try clowns and dancing bears. They try jokes and every other form of entertainment, but she just won’t smile. With that scowl so permanently affixed upon her face, they name her Lemonella, in keeping with the lemon sore-looks.

Why The Princess?

Her parents never really know, so neither do we. But, we can imagine all sorts of reasons why she doesn’t ever smile.

To What Extent?

There is a solution to the grump problem, though you’ll need to read the story to find it out. Suffice it to say… Princess Lemonella is not the only kid who has ever been grumpy.

So, my youngest son is fascinated by the tale. He wants to read it over-and-over again. He’s curious about the dancing bear and the clown, but more than that he likes the ending.

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