Reading books can change hearts and minds. We all know it, and studies continually reinforce those well-worn facts. That’s also part of why we support literacy programs, collect books for kids and veterans, and continually talk about the benefits of reading. But, there’s still more we can do!

There’s always more to do, but what? Personally, I’m inspired by Candace Vance, a software saleswoman who was recently featured in People for her Turning Pages Book Club. She she started the group in 2009, as a way to give homeless participants a sense of “dignity, respect and a voice.”

Turning Pages – Another Way to Survive

I often take for granted my easy access to books. I read every day, and I have books with me wherever I go. Not every reader is so fortunate. Given the choice between buying food or a book in a homeless situation, which would you pick?

Imagine reading by candlelight or flashlight, because that’s the only light source you have. There are situations in life where books are out of reach, but for most, that loss is short-lived. What if we tapped into the memory of being so hungry to read, and used that angst to give back via books?

Vance’s club is an inspiring reminder and life lesson that there are depths of hunger that can only be satiated by words.

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