You’re probably familiar with the infamous advice for young writers, On Writing, by Stephen King. And, you may be familiar with the many other memoirs, nonfiction collections, and how-to books that have attempted to combat the same (rather momentous) topic. Some are more successful (and helpful) than others. What seems clear is that we all want and need help. We want input. We want to feel that we are not alone, and we eagerly seek the sage wisdom of the masters.

J.K. Rowling may not have intended to enter the fray (there are already so many books that offer advice to writers). But, we already follow her on Twitter, and it’s there that she offered her words today:

Yes, she was responding to a series of posts by @beauty_jackson.

And yes, she had nothing to prove (she’s already famous, well-beloved, with even what you could see as a cult following). But Rowling didn’t stop with just the one tweet.

Part of the power of the Twitter thread is that she’s highlighting and responding to the powerful words of others, offering her own personal insights along the way.

It’s also curious (and a bit sad) that the words of wisdom from @beauty_jackson were also criticized by others.

But, perhaps that’s appropriate too. Even as you may be celebrated by your fan club, there will always be those who won’t ever understand or appreciate you.

By now, you likely know Rowling’s story, how she “failed” before she became such a billionaire success. So, while it’s the highlights from Rowling that are going viral, she’s also bringing attention to the wonderful advice of others.

It just goes to show that no writer is alone… we draw from the strengths of others, and offer support and words of comfort along the writing journey.

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