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Sealed With a Kiss

It’s the basis of so many love stories — novels, short stories and poems....

Handmaid's Tale

Revisiting ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

The recent launch of the Hulu Handmaid’s Tale mini-series has drawn us back to the...

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Writes…

Yes, you probably already know that Joe Biden is an author, along with his wife, Jill....


Bestseller ‘Pocket Constitution’ – Top 3 Reasons

It’s likely that most of us studied the US Constitution in Civic class. You may...

Life Lessons from ‘The Perfect Son

A broken heart is not what it might appear. After all, it should destroy us to the core,...

New Year

New Year, New You #Quotes

It’s January 1st. New Year’s Day. We think of this (a new year) in a...

Book Lifestyle

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