Santa's Husband

Again Controversy: ‘Santa’s Husband’

Santa's Husband, by Daniel Kibblesmith, hasn't even been published yet, but it's already causing a stir. Kibblesmith is a staff writer for The Late...

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Umbrellas - Mary Poppins

Who’s Ready for the Return of Mary Poppins?

Think The Devil Wears Prada and Into the Woods, but with the fancy and whimsy of Mary Poppins. And, for that matter, go back...


Handmaid's Tale

Revisiting ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

The recent launch of the Hulu Handmaid's Tale mini-series has drawn us back to the trappings of Margaret Atwood's dystopian science fiction novel, but...

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Escape to Ash Island

Dystopian ‘Escape to Ash Island’

Yes, you'll be drawn into the exploits of Cash in Escape to Ash Island, by J.H. Lucas. His journey features a burning house, abandonment...
Syria Library

Syria Speaks – A Detention Controversy

The detention of a British woman, Faizah Shaheen, on her way back from her honeymoon in Turkey speaks greater volumes than (perhaps) anything else...

Practicing Gratitude #Quotes

We seem to remember how thankful we are at Thanksgiving time. At that one time of the year, we're bombarded by all the reminders...
Lost Library Book

The Case of ‘Bid Time Return’

You've probably read the stories of long-lost library books, and even perhaps cringed if you've been guilty of failing to return books yourself. But,...

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Mrs. Dalloway – Dangerous to Live

Virginia Woolf focused on the life of an "ordinary" woman, when she wrote Mrs. Dalloway. Like James Joyce's Ulysses (published just a few years earlier, in 1922),...
Fall Musings

Fall Findings & Autumn Musings #LifeLessons #Quotes

I've always loved the fall months of the year. The last day of September and the onslaught of October days always makes me to...

As Night Gathers

I love night! There's something about the play of light and shadows--the sometimes almost-perfect silence... until the crickets start their song. I love the spots...

Farewell Laura Ingalls Wilder

This is the day Laura Ingalls Wilder died. That fact strikes us with some sense of finality and loss, even though she’s been gone since 1957....
Mary Shelley

5 Reasons Mary Shelley Was (and is) Important

From the first time I read about Mary Shelley, and then on to the moments I've spent devouring the pages of her most famous...


5 Ways: Make Online Book Clubs Work For You

I love love book clubs, but sometimes it's not easy to fit a "live" book club into my busy schedule. Yes, it's the highlight of my week --...
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