Libraries Lure Pokemon Go Fans

Pokemon Go is such a monumental craze that you must have noticed, even if you've yet to succumb. The fans are everywhere. They've descended...

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Bestseller ‘Pocket Constitution’ – Top 3 Reasons

It's likely that most of us studied the US Constitution in Civic class. You may have even received a Pocket Constitution. Did you ever...

If you had to memorize a book, which would it be?

In Fahrenheit 451, Montag famously joins a community of outsiders who have each committed one book to memory. The author of that famously banned...

Top 4 Tools to Track Characters

When you're reading, you may just want to enjoy the book -- without regard to what is happening, or who is making all the...

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Life Lessons from ‘The Scarlet Letter’ #Book

I've been thinking about Nathaniel Hawthorne today (and about his life lessons). It's his birthday, after all (or would have been if he was...
Little House - Laura Ingalls Wilder

‘Little House’ – Writing the Story of Our Lives

The Little House series, from Laura Ingalls Wilder, is one of the most memorable bookish experiences in my life. My dad read us the...
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Ivanka’s Library Tweet Inspires Uproar

It's not often that the subject of the National Library Week inspires such social media uproar. But, take a look at what Ivanka Trump...
Fall Musings

Fall Findings & Autumn Musings #LifeLessons #Quotes

I've always loved the fall months of the year. The last day of September and the onslaught of October days always makes me to...
Burning Girls

Burning Girls – Read #Tor

It's a 48-page novella--packed with beautiful (and dark) imagery--all from the rich imagination of Veronica Schanoes.The piece is about coming-of-age tale, combined with deep-seated...


New Year

New Year, New You #Quotes

It's January 1st. New Year's Day. We think of this (a new year) in a (somewhat) revolutionary light. After all, this is a new year, which...
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