‘Guardians of Stone’ Relic Expert

Guardians of Stone
While you probably think of Indian Jones and his madcap ventures through dangerous passages, authors like Anita Clenney introduces her own brand of treasure hunter. Kendall Morgan is a single-and-beautiful woman. She'd be one of the stereotypical Bond girls in another setting, but she's...

If you had to memorize a book, which would it be?

In Fahrenheit 451, Montag famously joins a community of outsiders who have each committed one book to memory. The author of that famously banned novel, Ray Bradbury famously said that, given the choice about which book to memorize, "It would be A Christmas Carol....

Through Time With ‘The Dream Keeper’s Daughter’

The Dream Keeper's Daughter, by bestselling novelist Emily Colin, is a hotly anticipated rollick through time, love, magic, and even tragedy. How do you move on, or forgive. How do you forget? Then, too, how do you cope? How do you raise a child? How...

Elusion – Addicted to Escape

Just when you thought technology couldn't get any more complicated, you're now drawn into the mind-blowing mindscape of Elusion, by Claudia Gable and Cheryl Clam. It's set in a futuristic time when the environment is completely toxic and societal demands have become a 24/7...

Reese Witherspoon Book Club Recs

With the recent launch of the Belletrist Book Club, you've gotta love that we're taking a closer look at all the social media feeds for our favorite stars, authors and (well) friends. Yes, they do have some great book-club (or just-because) reading recommendations, and...

The Launch: Belletrist Book Club

Book Club
You may think it's Oprah's Book Club, when you see the crazy hubbub everyone is making over Belletrist, the book club just launched by Emma Roberts. She's got a long list of roles to her credit, including: Wild Child (2008), Hotel for Dogs (2009),...

Time & Magic — ‘The Witch’s Daughter’

Magic objects, books and candles
Time and magic interplay in the life and experiences of Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith. With The Witch's Daughter, Paula Brackston offers up her first novel -- an unforgettable bestseller. Here, she explores themes that are both familiar and controversial, while drawing us in with all...

Top 4 Tools to Track Characters

When you're reading, you may just want to enjoy the book -- without regard to what is happening, or who is making all the actions. But, you'll often find that you need to remember very specific details about the characters. Either, you want to...

Oprah Book Club: The Underground Railroad

African American woman
Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad was already well on its way to classic (even super-stardom, bestseller) status -- even before Oprah announced her latest Book club pick today. And, for good reason. Background He's a famous, a New York Times bestselling novelist, with an extensive repertoire...

Michael Crichton Posthumous Novel – ‘Dragon Bones’

Michael Crichton - Dinosaurs
Michael Crichton is famous for his bestselling novels about Jurassic Park, as well as Congo and Timeline. His novels are not only popular for readers; they've also been widely adapted to the big screen. Then, Crichton passed away in 2008. Instead of putting a...

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