We remember Abraham Lincoln, and his image is inextricably linked with his statue. Cold, stark and unmoving — he is larger than life. He was the 16th president, but he was also so much more.

The History of Abraham Lincoln

The more we read and know, though —  the more we want and need to learn. Lincoln becomes a figure more real and human than any mere man could be. He is larger than life and greater than history. He stands (or sits) as a pinnacle of his time, a hero of his age, and the simple lawyer-man that America needed during one of the most difficult chapters in its history.

As if we could ever get tired of attempting to understand the man (Abraham Lincoln) from his time and legends, each new generation adds more juicy tidbits to the story — most recently with tales of vampires, depression and the supernatural. Beyond the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address and countless other writings, Lincoln penned letters, poetry and other important works.

As Theodore C. Sorensen explains (in Smithsonian Magazine): “Lincoln was a superb writer. Like Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt, but few if any other presidents, he could have been a successful writer wholly apart from his political career. He needed no White House speechwriter, as that post is understood today. He wrote his major speeches out by hand, as he did his eloquent letters and other documents.”

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