Complicit is the “word of the year,” just announced by You’re probably not surprised. In fact, you probably guessed it would be some word related to corruption or intrigue.

We know that words have power, though. And, the fact that “complicit” sums up everything that we see and feel in 2017 is tragic.

Defined, you already know that it involved illegality and wrongdoing, even conspiracy. (“COMPLICIT” would also earn you 17 Scrabble points.)

What does Complicit really mean?

Complicit leads us to marvelous literary quotes like this one by Barbara Kingsolver: “Bitter words normally evaporate with the moisture of breath, after a quarrel. In order to become permanent, they require transcribers, reporters, complicit black hearts.”

Is it heartless, cold, even evil? Even with inaction, does the mere complicity lends itself to a de facto approval? There’s the hotly debated pseudo quote about evil succeeding when “good” men to do nothing. But, if 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that people aren’t always who they seem to be. Glamour and intrigue are torn away. What remains?

What a world would it be if the word of the year was hope or kindness? Something positive? A word to build a world on…







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